Edward Learns to Drive

If you ever want to get Edward a present, just make sure it has wheels on it.  Planes, trains, cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, bulldozers, and bicycles are all fair game.  And if you want to sweeten the pot, you could make sure the thing actually moves on its own.  Pull it backward and let it go, rev it forward and watch it fly, flip a switch and see it drive, or control it yourself with a remote.  He loves to watch those wheels spinning.  But the holy grails of all toys are, of course, the Power Wheels.

You can sit in it?!  And drive it?!  And it only costs two to five hundred dollars?!  And takes up as much room as the couch?!  Sign me up!!!  These are the thoughts of a four-year-old boy.  Unfortunately, the thoughts of the parents are exactly the same with one small exception.  Replace that “sign me up” with a “no frickin’ way.”  Edward is not getting a large driveable vehicle.  Probably ever.  So his only chance to drive one is to find someone else who has one and steal theirs.

Luckily for Edward, we were having a mini-family reunion on my wife’s side, just one day before the official family reunion on my side, and at this cottage we discovered, well, you should probably just watch the video.

He drove that thing into the ground.  By which I mean that the battery ran out and he had to be forcibly removed from it.  Luckily it is rechargeable. Ruby did not quite fit into it, but she did figure out a way to work the thing when she was in the car by herself.  It involved sitting in both the driver’s and the passenger’s seat, and working the pedals with her left foot, which is not a good driving lesson, but it was more fun than just sitting around and watching her brother experience euphoria alone.

By the time we left, Edward was parallel parking that thing like a pro.  He could go forward, backward, put it into higher and lower gears, and turn on a dime.  Sure, at the beginning he almost sideswiped a few actual cars, but he’s four!  Come on!  This was great practice for him, actually.  He got really good at it.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe we should get him one.  To solve the storage and cost problems, all we need to do is sell the couch.

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