End of the Road: TDORK No More

For the first time in over a month, I am back home again. I am Tenor Dad: On the Road with Kids no more! After driving over 1500 miles, having my blog deleted and then undeleted, braving traffic and weather, and passing through 10 states and s district, we have completed our journey. We celebrated by eating pizza and watching old DVR’d episodes of “Wipeout,” or, as Ruby calls it, “The People Falling Down Show.”

Overall, the trip was exhausting. I feel like I now need a vacation from my vacation. But the last leg was not so bad. For one thing, we were used to driving from DC to Vermont, as we had been doing it every Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past 15 years, and it was familiar. For another thing, we had a two day break in between the long leg from Savannsh and the long final leg. We got to visit with friends and go to some of our favorite spots. Here are a few highlights:

We visited Simone’s old office on Friday morning, only to find out that pretty much everyone she ever worked with was out of town for a board meeting.

We hung out at Storyville in the afternoon with our former nanny and current friend, and I managed to accidentally terrify her two-year-old daughter (who already hated me anyway, by dressing up as a giant wolf and growling at her.

We had dinner with my best friend Bleric, during which Edward managed to strategically use a menu to knock an entire full Coke off of the table and onto myself and Ruby, causing Ruby to get a whole new outfit from Gymboree.

We participated in “Passport DC,” going around to embassies and collecting stamps from each one.

We had lunch with my friends from college and managed not to spill anything.

My only regret was that we had to be home on Sunday, because I would have loved to have stopped by my church in Baltimore, but I suppose there will be other times. I am definitely glad to be home, and now I have to learn some more music. My next show starts on Thursday!

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  1. We would have liked to see you! I’m sorry I’ve been delinquent, but am catching up on all ur blogs. 😉

    PS: I hope ur getting the latest F&F gossip….


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