Florida vs. Vermont

So here I am in Florida. I have just finished up my first day of rehearsal for “Rigoletto.” What can I say about Florida so far, except that it is the opposite of Vermont? Let’s examine the facts.

Vermont: North
Florida: South

Vermont: Cold
Florida: Warm

Vermont: Land locked
Florida: Pretty much surrounded by ocean

Vermont: No Target and no Chipotle
Florida: I just got back from the Target that is next to the Chipotle

Vermont: Mountainous
Florida: Flat

Vermont: Full of socialists
Florida: Full of tea party weirdos

Vermont: Has seven letters in its name
Florida: What is the opposite of seven? Is it seven?

So you get the point. It is very different down here. That makes it a little bit exciting, but also a little sad and lonely, because, having been in New York all fall, I don’t feel ready to be away from my family again. But it’s only three more weeks. Hopefully it will be fun, and maybe I will see an alligator. Or a flamingo.

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  1. When my grandparents had been living in Florida for about a year or so, my grandmother saw an alligator in the parking lot of a grocery store. Startled, she gasped and went into the grocery store to do her shopping. When in the check out line she said to the clerk, “you know, I’ve been living in Florida for a year now and I guess I’m just going to have to get used to seeing alligators in the parking lot.” The clerk replied, “THERE IS AN ALLIGATOR IN THE PARKING LOT??!!” Animal control was immediately called and the alligator removed. I hope you have a story like that when you return.

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