Gun Laws Will Never Work – Repeal the 2nd Amendment

I’m going to make a bold claim here, and feel free to disagree if you care more about whatever the hell you feel like doing at any given time than about human lives. Here is my sincerest belief: you do not have the right to own a gun. You just don’t. You do not have a moral or ethical “right” to own anything really, not property, not a vehicle, not another human being, not a cell phone, and certainly not a gun. You do not have a “God-given” right to own a gun either. When this world was created guns did not exist. These are man’s creations, and you are not born with the “right” to own one. All you have is a “perceived” right thanks to some confusing wording in the 2nd amendment, which to me is very clearly talking about State militias and not personal arsenals, but sure, I see that the wording is unclear. So we need to fix it.

There is no doubt that guns are dangerous. If you own a gun, you are more likely to die from a gun. States with more guns have more gun deaths, and communities with more guns lose more people to gun violence, both suicides and homicides. You are not safer with a gun. You think you are safer, you may feel safer, but you are not safer. I don’t care if you are the mother lovin’ Punisher who lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes guns and gun safety, you are not safer with a gun. The research is in. And I am sick and tired of losing innocent lives so that you can live a lie of increased security. Screw you and your selfishness. Seriously.

Of course there are no official government studies correlating guns and safety levels, because the NRA and their cronies have passed laws making it impossible to even look at this data. Huh. I wonder why that would be? Why on earth would they not want us studying gun violence? Oh, is it because, due to common sense and every other study out there, we would find out that guns kill people? And then we would be required to pass laws limiting gun ownership? Because listen to me right now, I love you very much, and I do want you to be happy, but I do not care that you think you should be able to have a gun. I do not care that you think you have a right to one. I do not care that you think it is totally safe for you because you have had safety classes and keep it locked up. Don’t. Care. People are being murdered at a ridiculously high rate in this country, and it is your fault. Remember when you wanted a pet baby lion and your Mom said no, because it would grow up and eat you? This is the same, except there are laws against people having lions in their homes, even the nice lions! I know, totally unfair to the nice lions that would never have eaten anyone. But still, what if the founding fathers had written an amendment saying that everyone ought to be able to keep pet lions? Chaos. Death. America 2016.

You can argue with me and say that the numbers in that video are off, or that we are being manipulated, but then I say to you okay, then how about we study gun violence for real? Get some real data. No? You don’t want to? You think you have the answer already? Well, so do I, and we’ll never know which of us is right without lifting the ban on the science of violence.

So we can’t officially study gun violence, and we can’t pass laws regarding guns. That’s okay though, because the laws would never work anyway. Any gun law you pass will go up to the supreme court, and they will look at that murky second amendment, and they will say “Meh, go on killing each other, a couple of guys who lived hundreds of years ago, and who clearly had no idea what modern guns would become, they think it’s fine. Take a free gun on your way out. No, it’s fine, there’s a Supreme Court loophole.” No, gun laws will never work in this country. There is only one way to stop this madness, and it doesn’t include trying to ban automatic weapons or increasing background checks or closing gun show loopholes. We need to repeal the 2nd amendment.

We don’t even have to repeal it! We could just amend it! We could make it more clear! We could clarify the language to make it more about states rights than individual rights, as was originally intended! Just a few tweaks here and there, and suddenly it is not your constitutional right to own whatever gun you want! And even though that is scary to you, you will be safer for it! Even if you close your eyes, hum loudly, and shout “My guns! My guns! My guns!” it will not matter. You will still be safer. It might even save your life. It might save your spouse’s life, or your children’s lives. They are far more likely to die at the end of that gun than any imagined burglar. Is it possible that you might kill an intruder with that gun? Yes. It is likely? No. You are ignoring the facts, evidence, and truth of the matter. Guns are made for killing, and the more of them we have, the more people we are going to see die. And I am sick to my stomach about it.

Believe me, I know how difficult it is to amend the Constitution. I know that it is unlikely to get the required number of states to ratify it. Today. But for how long? How long can we allow the senseless mass murders of our friends and neighbors? How long can we ignore the number of gun suicides and homicides in our communities? What will it take for us, as a nation, to see that this is not right, and that there has been a ghastly mistake? It’s too late for the people in Orlando. It’s too late for the people in Aurora, and the children in Newtown. But it isn’t too late for you. And it isn’t too late for me, or my family, or the victims of the next shooting, who will be posthumously receiving our thoughts and prayers in approximately two months. We do have the power to do something about. But do we have the love, and the understanding, and the sacrifice required to do what is right?

Call your congressman. Now. Pick up the phone. It will probably be busy. Keep trying. Leave a message. Send an e-mail. Start a petition. In fact, I will start one and you can sign it if you want. Here you go. I am aware that posting this is a risk. I have had friends post anti-gun messages on their blogs, and then go on to receive death threats and offline attacks. But I have to say, if you read this message as a “good guy with a gun” and it causes you to threaten someone’s life, you are not what you think you are. I beg of you, the actual good guys with guns, to recognize the harm that is being done to this country by the thing that you love. I am not against hunting, or personal protection, but the vague language of the flawed 2nd amendment goes too far in letting this widespread plague ravage our great nation. For the good of us all, and for the good of those around you, please, just put down the gun.

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