Halloween Prep

Ruby is going to be Mickey Mouse this year for Halloween. Not Minnie Mouse obviously. Her favorite show is called MICKEY Mouse Clubhouse. Mickey is the star of the show, so why would she want to dress up as his little girlfriend? I see her point, and at her age she doesn’t see anything odd about dressing as a boy character. But the costume makers do see a problem with that. Because Disney is so girl-focused that they hardly make any boy costumes at all. There are plenty of Minnie Mouse costumes, but no Mickeys.

So my Mom is making her a Mickey Mouse costume. We already have ears and gloves, and can wear black pants and a shirt. All we really need us big red pants with giant buttons. But my Mom also has to make Edward’s costume, because he is going to be Pluto, and they no longer make baby Pluto costumes. They used to, as evidenced by the $80 versions on eBay, but alas, no longer. I did manage to find him a Pluto hat, so he only needs a onesie or something to go with it. It’s a little big, but it’s cute, right?

Anyway, Ruby has decided that we are ALL going to be Mickey Mouse’s friends for Halloween. I will be Goofy and Simone will be Minnie. But I can’t seem to find a decent Goofy costume anywhere either (that isn’t $150). I guess I’ll have to call my Mom.

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  1. I was Danger Mouse when I was 6, and Roger Rabbit when I was 8 years old for Halloween, because *HE* was my favorite character… I think it’s totally valid on a costume holiday to switch genders, no matter what your age, but it’s definitely more ‘innocent’ (ie. you raise fewer eyebrows) when you’re young. 🙂

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