Happy Birthday to My Marriage!

Nine years ago today, I started the adventure that makes Tenor Dad possible.  Well, at least the Dad part.  And actually, the Tenor part too.  My wife is more supportive of my career than I am, so I feel quite confident in saying that I would not be where I am today, or enjoying any of my current successes without her.  My current failures would definitely still be here though.  They generally come into being when I do not listen to my wife, who somehow knows just what to do in any situation, whereas I am more likely to flap my arms wildly and run in a circle screaming until I can find a hole to hide in.

This is all just to say that I love my wife, and am so happy to have been married to her for the past nine years.  Provided I don’t do anything to mess it up, I feel confident in saying that you will be reading about our adventures here for many, many years to come.  Happy Anniversary Simone!

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