How Angry Birds Ruined My Blog

I was going to write a blog for today. I swear, I was! But then I accidentally downloaded Angry Birds on my iPhone. That was probably 36 hours ago, and I have probably spent 35 hours playing that stupid game. So I did not write an interesting blog. I also did not do anything else I was supposed to do. And the game’s not even that fun!

For some reason I am driven to rescue these bird eggs from these mean green pigs. But it is impossible! Especially with my shattered phone screen. Basically I just randomly fling birds at the pigs until I win, and if I miss, I just restart and re-fling. How is that fun? And yet I can’t stop!

And while I am thinking about it, if we are trying to save bird eggs here, how come the white bird drops more eggs on the pigs? That makes no sense! And where did the pigs get helmets?! And how on earth can those damned pigs survive with nine metal beams on their heads, when one tap from a bird can kill them!?

Anyway, no blog today, I have to go play Angry Birds so those pigs will stop laughing at me.

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