How Being a Parent is the Same as Being an Opera Singer

1) One of your main goals is to be louder than everyone else in the room.

2) Late nights, quick naps, and inconsistent sleeping patterns,

3) Everything you do is critiqued, loudly and angrily, by a small tyrant.

4) You are required to communicate in languages that you do not understand fluently.

5) When your audience is happy they scream and clap; when they aren’t, they throw food.

6) When you tell your friends what you do, they think it’s really cool, but feel a little sorry for you too.

7) Forget having money or nice things for a while.

8) The dramatic plotlines are ridiculous and over-the-top, but you have to pretend that they are extremely serious and believable.

9) Every couple of years the scholars and experts change their minds about how you are supposed to do everything.

10) All of your best friends are people who do what you do, and you are clearly better at it than all of them.

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