How to Keep Your Children Entertained for Hours

Keeping your children entertained so that they do not bite you or damage your furniture is a major concern for parents today, at least in my house, and so when I stumbled across a wonderful new way to occupy the kiddos I felt that I had to share it.

Now, I feel that I should be clear in revealing to you that keeping one kid occupied is a struggle, but it totally doable.  The problem comes when you have more than one child.  One of your children will likely be somewhat older, while the other one would be younger and at an earlier developmental stage, which means that there are very few things that they can actually do together that they will both enjoy.  One of them may enjoy looking at books, the other one might enjoy eating books that their sibling is holding.  This can lead to conflict.  This problem may be somewhat mitigated if you have twins, but I don’t have twins, so I wouldn’t know.  I can only assume they come with a whole separate set of problems.

So what is this magical activity that can occupy multiple children from incongruent age groups?  Well, I could explain it to you, or I could show you this video.  Since showing the video requires less typing and overall work on my part, I will do that.  Enjoy, parents!  And you’re welcome.

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  1. In the unlikely event you managed to convince a teen to do this, the problem would be that the teen would throw dangerous/deadly implements such as pocket knives, Molotov cocktails, or Justin Bieber CDs.

    – Phil

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