How to Make a Super Sandwich

Yesterday, I made the biggest sandwich I could. And here’s how I did it.

First, get a loaf of bread. A whole loaf.

Second, slather it with condiments. You can never have too much mayo!

Next you put as much meat on as you can. In this example I used roast beef, pepper crusted turkey, genoa salami, and german bologna, but feel free to add whatever you like.

Now follow that up with the cheeses. My sandwich has American, provolone, and muenster. If you would prefer some cheddar, or some pepper jack, I would understand.

Don’t forget the veggies, or else it’s not good for you!

Ta-da! Giant sandwich! Delicious.

Now I normally only make this sandwich for the Superbowl, but as I was not home on Sunday, I had to make it last night, and the best part is, I can have it tonight too! Yum-a-rum!

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