How to Right a Blog

Righting is not easy. Eye no ewe think it is, butt in fact it does take sums kill. In that weigh it is similar two singing. I canned tell yew how Manny thymes some buddy has tolled me “Owe, eye could dew that!” Ummm, are ewe bean Sirius? Yew think I juiced woke up won day bean able too sing lichen amazing 10 or? That maid me laugh. Aye when too sex or seven years of school two bee able too phone ate sew well! An ditz the same with righting.

Shore, they’re is sum in Nate ability that ewe mussed have, the same as Annie other profession, but if yew donut put in the ours, ewe will fined each dais filled with frustration. Eye go two parties and pee pole will say “Yew sing? I kin sing ass well!” Owe yah? Ide love to sea ewe addition four the met. Lettuce sea what they say! Butt eye dye grass. Eye yam hear two taco bout righting.

Eye half bin righting this blog four all most sicks years. In that thyme I half pose Ted over four teen hundred posts. Wooden ewe say that counts as sum experience? And my reed her ship is only ink creasing. This is bee cuz I, like Don old Trump, half all the best words. I no exactly witch words too choose at tall thymes. It snot ass easy as it seams. Ewe May bee leave its know big deal, but go a head, try righting sum thing, Annie thing, every sin gull day. Yew will run out of words bee 4 ewe no it. And English is a soup or complicated language! Sew mini words up hear or sound like other words. Trussed me, it is Khan fusing.

The won thing yew donut wan to-do is con fews yore readers. Sew eve an on a special day like Ape rill fools day, ewe should knot pic the rung words. It will caws yew two loose subs cry brrrrs. Donut Doot! Four reel. Bee clear and con size. I hoe pew half learned sum thing too day a bowed righting. Police cum bacon moan day four eve an Moore grate righting.

Pee. Ass. – Teddy Bares argh the best righters. Donut four get.

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