I’m Famous!

I have an early rehearsal, and then my wife is coming into town (Hooray!), so a quick story for today.

Yesterday I went to give my friend Clizzle a ticket to the A Quiet Place dress rehearsal, which is tomorrow at 2 pm.  I had never been to her office, so after a terrifying elevator ride up 57 floors (I’m not really scared of elevators, but that is a lot of floors…) I walked into the reception area and started chatting with the receptionist until Clizzle could come out and meet me.  She is an awesome receptionist.  First of all, she gave me a Coke, and second of all, well, what else do you need in a receptionist anyway?  Free Coke!

So when Clizzle came out to get her ticket she introduced me properly to her receptionist friend, and I bid them adieu, because, as I told them, I had a food truck to find, and not much time to find it.  At the mention of blogging about food trucks, the receptionist’s eyes widened and she said “Oh my god, YOU’RE Tenor Dad?  Your blog is so funny!”

Yo, I’m famous, beeyotches!

And thanks for showing your co-workers my blog, Clizzle.

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