It Runs in the Family

Though I admit the sound was not very good (turn your speakers way up!), you have already heard my daughter sing a little when I posted her version of “Frozen Heart.”  I love hearing her sing, and taking after her old Dad (not to discount the good musicianship and musical influences of Tenor Mom!).  But singing runs throughout our entire family!  My son is also very interested in music.  He conducts.  He plays the piano.  And, of course, he is an excellent singer.

With me as his role model, I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be amazing.  I am an accomplished and classically trained vocalist, and he has heard me sing, practice, and rehearse for hours upon countless hours, and he has clearly learned a lot from me.  In fact, he is so talented that he can imitate my sound and style almost perfectly.  And definitely my enthusiasm.

To balance the scales, so that Ruby is not the only one with her vocal talents on display here, I now present you with this video of Edward, singing in church a few weeks ago.  You will agree that he has a future in opera, even though I would never let him go into a musical career.  I need someone to support me in my old age.  He can be either an evil oil baron, or the president.  And, as a fallback option, a demolitions expert.

Anyway, here he is singing.  And if you couldn’t see him, you’d think it was me!

And in case you missed him singing on Vine, a bonus video for you!

It’s clearly genetic!

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