Late Night Labor Day Coca Cola OCD Emergency

Ah, Labor Day weekend.  Time for friends and family.  Time for relaxing and enjoying some down time.  Unless you are crazy, in which case it is time to do something stupid for a dumb reason.  Guess which category I fall into?

There I am, Friday night of a long weekend, and I realize that it is the last day of August.  This is important, because I have received an e-mail from Coke Rewards informing me that I have until August 31st to enter a code from only one participating item to get a free photobook from Shutterfly.  We currently love photobooks from Shutterfly, because it’s like an instant scrapbook that we don’t have to glue anything to, and it saves us from having to print out our pictures for other albums.  We also have never paid for one, because we are on the lookout for free photobook promotions.

So I says to myself, “Self,” I says, “why don’t you enter a code from one of the thousands of Coke products that you have lying around your house?”  And I did.  And I got a free photobook.  And then I thought, well, if my wife signs up for an account, she can get a free one too, and then we will have two free photobooks!  This is a perfect plan!  So I signed her up for a My Coke Rewards account, and I entered a code.

No free photobook.

What?!  Where is the free photobook?!  Come on!  Stop being a jerk, website!  Give me things for free!  Ah….I see.  Over here.  Preferred members, meaning people who already had accounts I guess, get a free photobook with one code.  Other people need five codes.  So, with two to three hours left before August was ending, I raced around the house looking for codes.  But we didn’t have any.  I buy Coke in bulk at Costco, and each giant package only comes with one code.  And as I don’t really participate in the rewards program anymore, I hadn’t saved any old ones.  I drink more Coke than is humanly possible, and way more than is healthy, but I had no proof of this as far as the rewards people were concerned.

Now, if you are a normal and sane person, like my wife, you would say to yourself or your husband, “Oh well, we already got one free photobook.  I guess that will have to do as it is ten o’clock at night on the deadline of the promotion and we have no Coke products in the house.”  But my stupid brain would not accept that.  I just could not sit there knowing that I was four codes away from a free $30 photobook.  I tried.  I really tried.  I sat back down.  I thought happy thoughts.  And then I ran out the door.

When I got to the grocery store I headed over to the soda aisle, and to my delight they were having a huge Labor Day sale.  4 twelve packs for $10!  And I needed 4 codes!  The universe was rewarding my OCD!  And attached to the cases were coupons.  $1 off any two!  So for $8 I got four cases of Coke!  Plus one from the cooler for the road, just in case I needed an extra.  I headed home feeling triumphant, confident that I was not crazy after all, but just following the path that the universe had laid out for me.

Unfortunately, as this picture that my wife took proves, I was, in fact, crazy.  But who’s laughing all the way to a free photobook?  Well, not me, as it turns out there was a website error and we didn’t get our free code.  And when we called customer service they were closed.  But I got a lot of Coke really cheap!



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