Lost in Translation

Do you remember the other day, when I was telling you about learning the wrong translation of Die Fledermaus?  Well, I just wanted to give you all an update on that situation.  As it turns out, the whole new translation I re-learned was also completely wrong.  Like, the whole thing.  All of the lines I learned, despite having the same authors, same publishers, and same copyright dates as the correct lines, are not at all the lines that I will be performing.  I have to learn the entire show over again.

At least the musical notes haven’t changed.  But honestly, I don’t know what I am doing writing a blog right now.  The show opens in 15 days!  And I have to relearn the entire thing!  Dozens and dozens of new lines!  You are all being very distracting right now.  I have to go.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow…

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