Why Must the Haters So Furiously Hate Together?

I am not a very good judge of quality. I know this. Sometimes it makes my job difficult; sometimes it makes my life difficult. But I have a low bar. I just like things. I am a liker. Even things that are terrible to most are enjoyable to me. Not that there aren’t things I hate; there are. I just like way more than I don’t. And to be honest, I think it generally serves me pretty well.

The thing about the haters is that their lives seem so much less fun. If one is of a very discerning taste, it really limits one’s options, doesn’t it? And also, it tends to make one a smug, superior jerkwad. At least in my experience. Just because you only like ten things and I like a thousand, it doesn’t mean that your taste is better. It means you lead a sad, lonely life, unable to experience the full pleasures of the universe, while I am off living life to the fullest and having a marvelous time. Who’s got the better deal now, jerkwad?

Recently a friend was going on and on about how terrible the movie “The BFG” was. Now before we even get into this, I will tell you that I have spoken to two types of BFG viewers: those who have read the book, and those who haven’t. Everyone who read the book first, loved the movie. The people who didn’t read the book, thought the movie was boring/confusing. So fine, perhaps the movie did not do a good job at converting new people, but for someone whose favorite book was The BFG growing up, it was everything I could have ever hoped for, and more. So obviously, I liked it. I will recommend it like mad. And then I will receive scorn and derision for daring to enjoy something deemed “bad” by a hater.

This happens to me all the time. People ask my opinion on things, I tell them things are good, and then later I get in trouble. Apparently things are not as good as I think they are. But they are! Most things are good! Most jobs are good, most houses are good, most movies are good, most people are good, most books are good, this is a good world! There is badness in it, but it is not in the majority. This is a good place with some bad stuff. From the way the haters talk, they seem to think that this is a bad place with some good stuff. And I just can’t imagine wanting to live with that point of view.

The worst is when the haters join forces and rage together. The new Ghostbusters movie comes out this week. It’s not actually out yet, but it has already received 5319 one-star reviews on IMDB from american males. THEY HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE MOVIE! They are just mad that there are girls in it. Well let me tell you something, my daughter has been insanely excited for this movie to come out, like no other. Part of the reason is that there are girl Ghostbusters. That is awesome, and if you idiot haters out there try to tank this movie I will personally hunt you down and trap you in Pokeballs. I have a lot of Pokeballs. And my app knows where you live. Step off, haters.

How about we give the world the benefit of the doubt today? How about we assume that people, even people we don’t agree with, deserve love, life, and respect? And how about going into things with an open mind? You might surprise yourself. There is more beauty and joy around you than you were expecting. Trust me. You’ll love it.

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