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Okay, I will admit it.  I lied to you a little bit yesterday.  I did not spend the entire day reading “A Dance with Dragons.”  I also had a photo shoot scheduled for my new headshots, and they wouldn’t let me read during any of it!

For those of you not in “the biz,” headshots are shots of your head.  Photographs.  Of you.  That you hand out at auditions, put on your website, and print on flyers and posters that you slip under people’s windshield wipers in supermarket parking lots hoping one of the shoppers is a famous opera director.  Tradition has it that you should have headshots taken when you are in your twenties and then continue to use them until you retire, causing many double takes from audience members looking quickly back and forth between the program and the stage.  I, however, have decided to update mine.

It’s not that the photos were taken poorly the last time, and it’s not like I look all that differently than I did a few years ago.  It’s more that my old photos made me look like a vampire.  Maybe it was the make-up I used, or maybe it was the lighting, or maybe I had lost a lot of blood, but I am ridiculously pale in the photos, to the point that I look like some sort of undead creature.  Not just washed out either.  It was a very vivid picture of a clearly very white me.

The photo shoot yesterday went very well I think, and I got a few shots that I believe I could use, although I won’t be 100% sure until I have photoshopped all of my ugliness out of them.  Headshots should not have out of place hairs or facial blemishes, but sadly heads often have those things, so what we can’t fix with make-up and magic, we fix with digital editing.  On a side note, I think the nudes I did were very tasteful, but they definitely require the most photoshopping…

I will be very excited to choose the final shot and have it all touched up and printed out, so I can finally stop looking like a vampire and start looking like an opera singer.  I just have to decide which shirt I look better in, and that could take months.

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  1. “Tradition has it that you should have headshots taken when you are in your twenties and then continue to use them until you retire…” – HAHAHAHAHA!!! This is hilarious… because it’s so true for some many artists! Thanks for the laugh, Adam!

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