New York Comic Con

Yesterday I went to New York Comic Con, the second biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the country (after San Diego of course). I had a good time, but people kept hitting me with their wings and tails. People. If you are planning on wearing large extra appendages into a crowded area, you should probably practice first. Try wearing your items to the grocery store to start, and slowly move up to, say, IKEA on a weekend afternoon.

The first thing that caught my eye was the line to get into the convention. It was easily twenty three parsecs long, wrapping around building almost twice. But waiting in line is half the fun! Where else can you see a man dressed as Boba Fett playing the Star Wars theme song on an accordion for tips? And who could forget the questionably sane man in front of me who kept challenging people to light saber duels. What’s that? You don’t have your five foot light saber with working lights and sound with you? That’s okay, he brought two!

Costume watching is always one of the best parts of a convention. Nothing beats the sight of a bunch of weirdos walking around in bizarre outfits (gotta get me a costume for next time…). I saw a whole family of X-Men, Mario and Luigi, tons of dudes dressed as Sailor Moon (is that a thing?) and two little kids dressed as Kick-Ass and Hit Girl, who I am praying have not seen the movie.

I did find that my priorities had changed at this convention. I was most excited about the panels and discussions. There was a great panel with Caroll Spinney (Big Bird & Oscar!) as well as Mr. McFeely, Garry Gnu, Bear in the Big Blue House, and baby Snuffalupagus. It was awesome, and definitely the highlight of my day.

I still remember my first convention, and the sheer wonder of the convention floor. My favorite part of that con, lo those many years ago, was seeing the vast collection of rare comic books, toys, bootleg videos, and pretty much anything else you could want, all gathered in one place for me to buy. This was stuff that you couldn’t get anywhere else! But this time, much of that magic was gone. Now we have the internet, and eBay. Every retailer there had a website offering exactly what they were selling in front of me.

I decided that I wanted to get Ruby a present, and that I wanted it to be a Blue Toad from the New Super Mario Brothers Wii. He is her favorite character and she always plays him when we play. I looked through the shops and booths for three hours. I searched through Comic Con proper as well as the Anime Festival (anime peeps love them some Mario), but was unsuccessful. I saw tons of Red Toads and a few Green Toads, but no Blue Toads. When I got home I ordered one from

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