One Man’s Journey to the Superbowl

This is the story of a man. A man who, for reasons unbeknownst even to himself, wanted to watch the Superbowl. A man with no television service or internet. A man surrounded by obstacles and boxes. Ladies and gentlemen… I am that man.

I know that somehow it is my own fault, but the circumstances were such that we moved into a new house on Saturday (amidst the thundersnow no less) and the satellite guy was scheduled to come out first thing Monday morning. That meant that for a 36 hour period or so, we would be without television. And it happened to be Superbowl Sunday.

Now I don’t even like football. I don’t watch any of the other games, except for dramatic effect while filming videos about Coke, and I certainly don’t care who wins or loses. But I do like the commercials, and I like my Superbowl tradition of trying to make the biggest sandwich I possibly can, and I also enjoy the shared experience of watching something that pretty much everybody else is watching too. Also, not being able to do something makes me really really want to do it. I know, I am such a child.

So there I am, Sunday morning, suddenly realizing that I am going to miss the Superbowl. The first thing I did was to try and turn on the TV, just in case. Didn’t TV used to magically come from the sky and be free? Well, not anymore. That didn’t work. Next I tried to think of who we could go visit that did have TV, and where the kids could fall asleep as needed. Simone’s mother doesn’t have TV anymore, her sister was deathly ill, and her other sister, and my mother and sister, were too far away. Nuts.

Next I turned to facebook, posting a plea online to let us crash somebody’s Superbowl party. We got a lot of nice offers from around the country, bur none within a thirty minute radius of our house. So I looked up on my phone how to watch TV these days without a provider. It turned out that I needed a digital antenna. Off to Best Buy!

I did in fact buy a digital antenna from Best Buy, and I did in fact spend probably two hours trying to make it work. Nothing. It scanned and scanned, but all I got was static. I tried different television sets, I tried different sides of the house, I held it up high, I held it down low, but nothing worked. By this time it was five o’clock and I had to admit defeat. I was going to sit home alone all night with my giant sandwich.

It was exactly at this moment that my wife looked up from her phone and said “Want to go to a Superbowl party?” Her new friend from work, who happens to live five minutes away and was totally unaware of my struggle, was having a few people over to watch the game. Pulled from the jaws of defeat with only seconds to spare, we raced over to her house just in time for the coin toss.

We made it to halftime before the kids went insane and we had to take them home. Green Bay was winning when we left, but I have no idea what happened after that. Judging from facebook, they did indeed win, but who cares!? It’s only a game. A game that none of us were playing in. What matters is that I had a great night with my family and some new friends. And now I get to make a giant sandwich tonight for dinner!

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