Our First Piece of Original Artwork

Good morning readers! Do you remember a short while ago when I mentioned the insanely awesome prize pack I had won from Keith Munslow, the leading singer/storyteller of the Rhode Island kindie music scene? If you don’t remember, go check it out because there is a lot of good music that was sent our way and we are still loving it! And the final piece of the prize was an original sketch by Mr. Munslow himself, depicting my contest-winning story about Edward attempting to destroy a restaurant. If you would like to read that story before seeing the picture, you know, to have context, it is published right here.

So anyway, we just got the drawing! And it is amazing! My wife and I have been talking for years about maybe getting a piece of original art to hang somewhere, so that we could become snooty art types, and this is the perfect piece to start off our collection! It will ensure, I think, that we become non-snooty art types, and it really is an amazingly accurate depiction of the scene. Here it is:

Tiny Destroyer in a Restaurant

Here are my family’s reactions to it:

Tenor Mom: “Wow! That is pretty much exactly what it looked like! Other than the table was a slightly different shape, it’s like he was there!”

Ruby: “Wellllllllll, Edward’s head is not really an oval shape like that. I think this must be the Bellywog version of Edward. He looks a little like a Bellywog.” (If you do not know what a Bellywog is, click here)

Edward: “I like the car.”

So there you have it! We are just over-the-moon thrilled with it, and thank you so much to Keith Munslow, and to DadNCharge for hosting the contest, and to Keith’s publicist Beth who kept assuring me that the drawing was on its way. It’s here Beth! Thanks so much! I’ll try not to let anyone destroy it.

Edward with his framed Tiny Destroyer

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