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The Difference Between 2nd Cousins and Cousins Twice Removed

There is a very easy way to keep track of whether cousins are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., or whether they are cousins once, twice, thrice, or more removed. With a family like mine, full of cousins of various varieties, we need to be able to keep track of such things, so here’s how you […]

Wishful Thinking

You told me to get in my bed You did But, wow, there’s so much stuff to do! You said to get straight into bed I know But honestly When do I listen to you? You tell me “Don’t touch that!” And out creeps my finger You say “Hurry UP!” And I sit there and linger […]

Yesterday I Had No Cokes; My Latest Mental Disorder

You know about the ADHD. You know about the OCD. Now, as it turns out, I have a new mental disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal. Yeah, apparently it is now classified as a mental disorder. So I have that going for me. You know about the Coke. As much as I love Coca-Cola, I have begun to […]

A Year Without Seizures

One year ago today, in a pool at a water park, as we were killing time waiting to ride the Polar Express, Edward had a seizure. I don’t want to use hyperbole and say it was the most terrifying one he’d ever had, and honestly after so many of them you do get, if not […]

The Real Meaning Behind “Let It Snow”

It’s snowing, and so to celebrate this first “walk to school in the snow” moment of the year I broke out my favorite anthem of snow celebration, that classic winter song of joy, “Let it Snow.” And never before today had it occurred to me that I’m using it incorrectly. The song does not mean […]

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