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The Joshua B. Jeremiah Memorial Blog

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here together today to think on the sad case of Josh Jeremiah.  Let us not mourn him, for can one really be said to be dead, when one has never truly lived?  You see, Josh Jeremiah has never actually existed.  He is but a phantom, whispering through the winds and […]

With Ends Like These, Who Needs Frenemies?

So this is my last day in New York.  I am driving home to Vermont with Simone to see my children and live a slightly more normalized version of life for a while.  This is, of course, an excellent opportunity to reflect back on my time here.  What have I learned?  What have I accomplished?  […]

Mysterious Game

I miss being in an a cappella group.  I have been in four or five in my time, and I have never had more fun than when I was arranging music, singing with a group of friends, or just goofing off with them.  One day I was driving around with my a cappella friend Ben […]

How to Write a Successful Opera

Yesterday I gave you a few tips on writing a traditional opera, but as I am sure you have now realized, that is neither possible nor lucrative.  Instead, you should focus on how to write a successful opera that people will enjoy for years to come.  It’s easy and anyone can do it! 1) It […]

How to Write a Traditional Opera

I am in the process of writing an opera.  The problem one faces when writing an opera is determining whether one wants the opera to be traditional, or successful.  I have many ideas on this subject and today I will focus on the factors one should consider when writing a traditional opera.  I will then […]

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