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The Latest 25 Mix

I like music.  I like almost all kinds of music.  I sing opera for a living, but when I’m not on the job I don’t like listening to classical music.  My iPod is mostly full of what one might hear on the radio.  It gives me a nice break from whatever I’m working on.  But […]

How the Cats Got Their Names

When Simone and I lived in a small apartment in Silver Spring, MD, we were not thinking of having any pets.  We talked about it of course, but we were both working full time and felt that it would not be fair to any animal to have to be shut up in an apartment all […]

The Quidditch World Cup

For those of you who are muggles (people who have not read Harry Potter) you may not be familiar with the popular sport of quidditch.  Even for those of you who love Harry Potter (people who have stood in line for hours in a ridiculous getup to see one of the movies at midnight), the […]

Robbing the Casino

It was a chilly November day in Manhattan.  Adam was standing outside the bank on a cell phone call with his mother.  Suddenly, through the crowd, he saw a strangely familiar face.  “Mom, I’ll call you back,” he said, abruptly hanging up the phone.  He put his phone away as the tall gentleman walked towards […]

Ruby’s Little Sister

Ruby does not have a little sister, she has a little brother.  I guess that’s the problem.  You see, Ruby really wants a little sister.  In fact, not only does she want a little sister, but she has already decided that one is on the way.  And she has named this baby “Pirate Boat.” It […]

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