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Be Afraid For Your Children

If there’s one thing I want to do as a parent, it’s to minimize the amount of negative feelings that my children experience.  Basically, I want them to be happy.  Everyone is going to feel pain, anger, jealousy and fear in their lifetimes, and my goal is not to avoid those things all together, but […]

An Ode to Trying to Take a Shower

An Ode to Trying to Take a Shower A is for Adam who’s in the B bath.C him D do it. E everyone laughs.Now he F fumbles G groping for soapH ha ha ha I J just meant a joke.K is for kids who L like to intrude.M m-m-might they N not know that’s rude?Ohhhhhhhhhh,P […]

Due Date

Last night my mother volunteered to take the kids for the night so Simone and I could go out to the movies, and then come home and sleep through the night without interruption.  I had just flown in from New York, and it was a little sad to see the kids again and then say […]

Recording My First Commercial

Saturday night, when I walked out of the theater after seeing “Avenue Q,” I had a message on my phone.  It was from one of my colleagues at City Opera telling me to call him immediately.  The message was an hour old, but I called back as I walked through Times Square.  My friend asked […]


The LGBT community has been in the news a lot lately, with the “It Gets Better” campaign and the ballot initiatives, but we haven’t heard as much from the LGBTea community…until now.  Many of you will probably say that you don’t know anyone who is LGBTea.  Some of you will even claim not to know […]

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