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Fried Taco Trough

I’m going to have to take a break from the food trucks as I am back in Vermont visiting my family.  Yay!  I tried to find a few more before I left New York, but I was unsuccessful.  First I traveled way up the 1 line to Washington Heights looking for a truck, which I […]

Mick(y) or Treat

As they closed the doors of my plane on the tarmac at JFK, the pilot announced to all of us that it was currently snowing in Burlington.  A collective groan arose from the passengers and I instantly knew what kind of Halloween I was in for: a cold one.  I cannot describe in words the […]

Sonnet Parables

Well, it had to happen.  After Limerick Parables and Haiku Parables, it was either this, or Epic Verse Parables, and I don’t have that kind of time. 1) A man set out upon a journey long    Unknowingly he walked into a trap.    By bandits he was quickly set upon    And out of him, they quickly […]

The Food Trucks of New York – Part 6

Ok, I need to stop eating at all these food trucks.  I haven’t had a vegetable in weeks.  I think I am slowly congealing from the inside out.  But no!  I must continue on!  There are trucks out there serving food, and it is my mission to purchase and consume that food!  Only 6 left […]


First of all, let me just say that I am eternally grateful to Simone’s Uncle Kevin for letting me stay with him, free of charge, for 2 months.  The man even gives me quarters for my laundry, it’s incredible!  So when I was temporarily evicted last night, it was with a happy heart.  Uncle Kevin’s […]

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