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Controlling the Cookie Monster Population

This city has a problem.  It’s not just the bedbugs anymore, now it’s the Cookie Monsters.  It’s also the Elmos, but mostly the Cookie Monsters.  People, please have your Cookie Monsters spayed or neutered.  There are so many of them wandering the streets now, that it’s hard to even walk down the sidewalk without tripping […]

Haiku Parables

Well, my Limerick Parables were a big hit it seems, so since I am bored today, I thought I would translate them into haiku form, for those of you who think limericks are too bawdy and gauche.  Here are much classier (and, thankfully, shorter) versions of the wisdom of Jesus. 1) Guy gets beaten up    […]

The Food Trucks of New York – Part 1

This is not a food blog.  Yes, I know there are pictures of food on it, but don’t expect any words like “waft” or “mingled with” or “bouquet” in this blog.  This is a scavenger hunt blog. A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching “The Great Food Truck Race,” which was a […]

My Skinny Jeans

My wife has advised me to write this blog entry as the rant of a cranky old man, since (she says) that is what I am when it comes to fashion and shopping. Instead, I will just rant as usual and you can decide how old and cranky I am. The Gap has this new […]

The Homeless Man and the Genie

One day a homeless man was going through some trash when he discovered an old lamp. As he tossed it aside, it rubbed up against his sleeve and a genie appeared. The man stared in disbelief as the genie offered him three wishes. The man thought for a moment and then spoke. “Every day I […]

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