Pumpkin Party!

This weekend I attended a party with fellow blogger Mama of Ma’at. We decided to trade blogs for the day and tell our stories.  This is hers. Enjoy! To see my post, go to her environmental parenting page, Mama of Ma’at.

One thing I love about living in the islands is that I have made friends with farmers. Knowing people who grow food, and really grow it, not just garden for fun where it doesn’t really matter if your veggies do well or not, is so grounding.

This year we went, for the second time, to a pumpkin party at Pomykala Farm. With my husband out of town for the weekend it was just me and the two kids. The Pumpkin Party is just what its name implies. There were tons of leftover pumpkins to carve up and decorate with eyeballs and fake spiders if that’s your thing. It was also a costume party, a potluck, a dance party with a pinata to top it all off for a truly awesome, kid-friendly time.

My son wanted to be a fireman. We purchased his costume because we found a great deal on one at Kids City. My daughter was a Dalmatian. Her costume was made out of a white bodysuit and tights that I decorated with permanent marker spots and a tail and ears made out of paper laminated with clear packing tape and then taped to her bum and fire hat respectively. I was a house on fire. I constructed it out of a cardboard box, paint and construction paper. Unfortunately, being on solo kid duty meant that the only time I wore my actual costume was for this picture. Wearing a box is not really suitable for doing anything, especially not childcare.

My son was very excited to carve a pumpkin and did quite well wielding the special pumpkin knife. I still ended up doing most of the cutting, but he provided the creative direction.

After eating some delicious potluck food, and the music started my daughter relaxed and started rocking out and chasing the sparkles cast by the disco ball on the ceiling. I even got her to wear her hat and ears just long enough to take some photos. My son and his twin cousin danced on the kiddie table.

It wasn’t so bad being a solo parent. My son was happily self-sufficient. He danced and played with his cousin, ate too many sweets, and regularly disappeared to admire the pinata and try to find out how much longer until it was time to smash it. I also got to be a more carefree parent and keep the kids up past their bedtime. Last year we left before the party really got going but this year we were all in. The kids did amazingly well given it had been a busy day with an extended family lunch and a birthday party already.
Just before pinata-time, the hundred or so carved pumpkins were lined up on all sides of a long table and lit up. The lights were turned off and we walked around in a slow circle admiring everyone’s handiwork. It was magical. Then all the kids starting with the youngest got a chance to give the pinata three whacks. An adult had to finish it off, and then the kids all scurried to gather the goods in classic pinata-fashion. My son was enthralled with all his goodies, my daughter was deliriously happy and giggling as we danced and bounced, unless she caught a sight of my farmer friend in his bear costume from the movie Brave, then she screamed and cried and we had to go talk to someone else. Ah, well. It was a great time and a great crowd, and I can’t wait for next year’s party.
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