Reporting Live From the Good Old Days

Hello, and good morning. This is Tenor Dad, reporting live from the past. Thanks to your local WFTR (news and weather on the 23s!) station’s new chrono upgrades, I have made it back here to the year 2015, or, as we all know it, the good old days. We were all younger, healthier, had more energy, and were busy making the memories that we all enjoy to this day. Let me see if I can find someone to interview…

Ah, here’s someone! It looks like…me! Well, lets cross our fingers folks that I don’t destabilize the entire space-time continuum by doing this, but I’m going to go talk to myself. Hello! Young me! Can I ask you a few questions?

Tenor Dad 2015: “Ummm, okay.”

Tenor Dad: “Excellent. Tell me, how does it feel to be living in the middle of the good old days?”

TD2015: “Oh, it was good I guess. I had a lot of fun times back then.”

TD: “Back then? But good sir, you are living in the good old days right now!”

TD2015: “You must be confused. Life these days is hard. We never seem to have quite enough money, the kids are always jumping onto my head and pooping on things, and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in almost a decade. All I really want is a few seconds to myself! Or maybe some time with friends! I used to have friends, you know. Back before I had kids. Those were the days…”

TD: “So you’re…not…enjoying the good old days?”

TD2015: “No, I loved the good old days! Back at the end of high school, when it was just me and my friends hanging out, all day every day, driving around town getting into trouble and feeling completely free! I would do anything to go back to those days! Or college…yeah college. That was so much fun! I was writing songs and poetry, and kicking around Washington D.C. with my a cappella group. I was falling in love, and out of love, and in love again. So many adventures… Those were the good old days. Or, you know, even to go back just a few years to grad school, to spend my days playing and learning and singing with the other students, who were really more like a family to me, I miss those times a lot.”

TD: “But you have it all now! Why do you think I chose this time, out of all possible times, to come back to! You spend your weeks planning and writing music with the best couple of people you will ever work with. You are teaching voice lessons, and not feeling overloaded by the number of students. That will come later, trust me. You still have your voice. And both your parents. Your kids are still little and cute and loveable and living with you. Every single day you have is a blessing that you will never get back. Out of all the times in your entire life, these are as good as it is going to get!”

TD2015: “Then why do I have a headache all the time? Why do I spend so much money on ambulance bills, and so many nights in the hospital with my children, wondering if we will ever get their medication levels right? Why do I want to just sit in my room and cry sometimes, as the whole world does its best to fall apart at the seams? Nations at war, our country split apart, our planet suffering…it just seems too much to take sometimes. I miss the good old days.”

TD: “Do you not remember the traffic as you drove down 295 to grad school? The honking and cursing and praying to be anywhere else? Have you forgotten sitting in an office, wishing that you could have some sort of job that you actually enjoyed, that made a difference? No recollection of those teenage nights spent in tears, feeling helpless, heartbroken, and alone? How have you managed to gloss over all of the pain of your past and then come up with the conclusion that you would be better off there?”

TD2015: “Sounds like you’re doing the same thing. What’s so wrong with your life?”

TD: “I’m old. My hair is gone. I’m too fat. My kids live halfway around the world and I only see them a few times a year. Every day I worry that the station will go under and I’ll be out of a job, and I’m too old to find a new one. If it weren’t for this time machine gimmick, we’d probably be out of business already. I want to be young again. I want to cuddle up on the couch next to my kids one last time, and just hold them, and tell them that I love them so much, and have them fit on my lap and look up into my eyes with those faces that have no idea how many faults I really have, and say that they love me. I want to see the dog again, because I miss her. I just want what I have lost.”

TD2015: “Are you supposed to be telling me any of that? What about the space-time continuum?”

TD: “Yeah, I should probably go.”

TD2015: “Well, listen, whatever is going on in your life, just try to enjoy it, okay? It can’t be all bad. And someday you may look back and wish you were back in the days when you got to go travelling through time interviewing people. Your job hasn’t ended yet. Go home, be a reporter, call Ruby and Edward, hug our wife, and just remember how hard it was back here in the past, even in the midst of such joy and blessing.”

TD: “I’ll try. And you just remember, in the midst of trials and headaches and paying hospital bills, that you will miss these days when they are gone. All of them.”

TD2015: “I will. Thanks, fat old me!”

And there you have it folks! The good old days just aren’t what they used to be. And now let’s turn it over to Zyrddeckk for your sports update. For WFTR, I’m Tenor Dad. Good luck, and good days.

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