Ruby’s Little Sister

Ruby does not have a little sister, she has a little brother.  I guess that’s the problem.  You see, Ruby really wants a little sister.  In fact, not only does she want a little sister, but she has already decided that one is on the way.  And she has named this baby “Pirate Boat.”

It started out as “Pirate Ship,” but it has since morphed into “Pirate Boat,” and she talks about her all the time.  She has even gone so far as to tell me that we need to make a list for Santa for Pirate Boat so that she can get presents this year.  I told Ruby that we were not currently expecting any more children, but she would have none of it.  She told me that she had met Pirate Boat in Mommy’s tummy when she was in there and they had spoken many times, and she knows that eventually Pirate Boat will come out.

Mommy does not seem as excited about the idea of a Pirate Boat coming out of her as Ruby does.  In fact, Mommy told Daddy that no more children of any sort will be coming out of her unless Daddy gets a real job.  And even then we are only talking in the “maybe” category.  This is fine with Daddy, by the way.  Daddy wanted three or four kids, but that was before he HAD kids.  Two kids often seem to Daddy like three or four kids, so it’s a win-win for everyone.  Except for poor Ruby who doesn’t have a little sister.

But even if we did at some point decide to have another child, I feel like I recently read on some blog somewhere that “Pirate Boat” would not be a good name.  I’m pretty sure that name breaks rules #2, #3, and #9.  And possibly #7, that would be determined later I suppose.  So Ruby, if you are reading this in twenty years, I’m sorry that we (I hope) did not have a little girl named Pirate Boat for you to play with, but if it makes you feel any better I also do not have a Playstation 3 and Mommy does not have a week at the spa, so we are all going through life a little wanting.  And also, you are not getting double presents this year for your pretend sister.  Nice try.

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