Star Wars Vegetables

I wanted to write a post today about something important. Perhaps an insight into parenting, or a brilliant political reflection? But all I can think about are Star Wars Vegetables. This is all the fault of my fellow Dad Blogger who writes over at An Interdisciplinary Life. Apparently he and his son were playing my favorite kind of game this morning: a games of terrible and nerdy puns. The game was simply this: combine a Star Wars character and a vegetable. He led off with Cuke Skywalker, and it only devolved from there.

All morning, as I drove through the ice to pick up music, as I taught voice lessons, as I did church planning, all I could think of was “How can I fit ‘carrot’ into the name of a Star Wars character?” Well, Maz Carrota, so there. And once we devolved into including fruits as well it was all downhill, all the way to Bananakin Skywalker, brilliantly suggested by his wife.

So I sat down and tried to clear my head of Darth Tater and Chancelor Vegglorum. I swore to never again mention the name of Jabbacado the Hutt. And yet, here I am, trying to press garlic into somebody’s weird name. No luck so far.

We’ve moved over to twitter if you are interested in playing. Use the hashtag #StarWarsVeggies with your own ideas, or if you just want to see what we have come up with so far. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that there are over 60 suggestions, although I am kind of proud of C-3Pea0. Sorry I didn’t have anything insightful or profound for you today. I’m just too busy with Obi-Wan Cornobi. Or was that Obi-Wan Can-o’-beans? Or maybe Obi-Wan Ken-Snow-Pea? (You can thank Dads Who Change Diapers for that last one)

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