Super Harvest Blood Moon 2: The Doomening

It has happened once before in my lifetime, but I was 4 years old and somehow I missed it. This time I was prepared. I would see the second Super Harvest Blood Moon, and I would see it good. To prepare for this cosmic event I did little to no research and then, at the last minute, I checked Facebook. I’m glad that I did.

Of course I had assumed that this thing would be happening at around 3 AM, because that is when great celestial conjunctions always occur, and I am not getting up in the middle of the night to waddle outside in my underwear trying to catch a glimpse of a meteor, or partial eclipse, or other such heavenly nonsense. As it turns out however, the universe had actually scheduled this occasion at the convenient time of 9:07. Just enough time to finish watching “Once Upon a Time” (Ack! Dark Swan!), throw my jacket on, and head outside to wish for a massive, city-wide power outage.

The Last Time This Event Occurred

The Last Time This Event Occurred

Ruby, who we had let stay up with us to watch the television show live for the first time (she is 8 now you know), came out with us as well, and as our planet’s shadow slowly began to creep over the surface of the moon she was determined to stay up all night to watch the whole thing. This was not good. How were we going to get her into bed? Dang it universe, this is a school night! Luckily my wife had the brilliant idea of making the deal where if Ruby went to sleep right away, we would wake her up when the thing was all the way gone, red to the end. She was in bed before I could even make it to the front door.

Around 10 we decided to go wake her up and watch the lunar fireworks together as a family. Not Edward though, obviously. You do NOT wake up Edward. That boy needs more sleep. And so do we. Anyway, my wife went up to Ruby’s bed and gently woke her for the crucial moments of the eclipse. “Can you just take a video of it or something?” Ruby replied, and rolled back over. Okay, so it was just my wife and I, out to see the bloodening of the moon.

As we stood there, friends and neighbors started to appear. Cars were flying down the street towards the park, probably figuring they could get a better view with tons of trees in the way. This was really a thing. The electric excitement was filling the air. And right at the apex of the affair, Ruby appeared out of nowhere, deciding that she wanted to come see the moon after all. It was a cool family moment. Everyone stood there, admiring this crazy massive thing that was happening, and I took a few crappy pictures with my phone for posterity. Then we went back inside to go check Facebook and see everyone else’s much better pictures. A night to remember.

My much worse picture of the moon

My much worse picture of the moon

The next time this will happen again is in 2033. My children will be 26 and 23. Maybe they will stay up and see it again, or for the first time. Maybe we will watch it together. I have no idea. That is a long time from now. How would I know? But I’m already excited! Join us in just 18 short years for Super Harvest Blood Moon 3: Cosmogonic Boogaloo!

Photo Credit: Steve Yerby (Who takes the best celestial photos ever)

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