Tenor Dad After Dark

Hello readers, and welcome to Tenor Dad After Dark, our late-night, adults-only version of our regular blog. Here after 10 PM we can say things like “The Eff Word” and “Poopy Stink Fart.” We can talk about obscene subjects like “Pornographic Films” and “Donald Trump.” Yes, the kid gloves are off tonight my friends. Let’s begin our slightly racier journey together.

Of course the only reason we are engaged in this new post-evening venture at all is because I did not have my act together earlier. I ought to have written something this morning about an important topic in the areas of either music or parenting, but instead I was teaching voice lessons, doing the rest of my Christmas shopping, and, well, let’s be honest, wasting tons of time on Facebook. By the time I realized that I had nothing written, and no inspiration, it was too late. The kids came home from school, I had chores to catch up on, and a rehearsal to conduct. It wasn’t looking good for writing today.

I considered not writing anything at all, since I had previously broken my 5-year streak anyway, but I just can’t get into that habit. I need to write. Plus, I figured you would all be super worried about me if I didn’t post anything. This is because I am super narcissistic. But everything is fine. Except for the narcissism.

Spesking of Donald Trump, Eff Word him. Seriously.

Well, that’s about all the spicy language I can handle for tonight, plus it is my bedtime. I am going to be jumped on children in a few hours, so I need to sleep. But thanks for reading, you sexy people. Have a good night, and I will see you in the morning.

Wink wink.

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