The 5 Back to the Future Inventions We Need that Nobody is Talking About

Look, I get it. We all want hoverboards and flying cars. Those are cool. They have the wow factor. And we already have a lot of stuff that was predicted in the Back to the Future series, but here, today, on Back to the Future Day, October 21st, 2015, let’s take a moment to talk about why no one is working on these potentially life-altering inventions.

  1. Self-Drying Clothes – Hey parents, have you ever turned your back on your children for less than three seconds and then turned around to find them completely soaking wet? Of course you have. How did they find that one single puddle in the fifty mile radius? Where did they even get a beverage, and why is it all over them? These questions may never be answered, but hopefully in the future, as you wonder why this never happens on the way home from something, you will be able to easily dry them off completely without even the touch of a button.
  2. Dust-Repellent Paper – Ok, I know that in the future there will be no paper and we all just read things on screens now, but surely this technology could be applied to other things! What if there were no dust on anything?! Amazing! Where would the dust go? I have no idea. Where does it go now? In trash after you wipe it with something, down the pipes after you launder your rags, or just back into the air to land on other things after you dust it with a duster. Where would it go if everything on the planet repelled it? Into space! Hooray!
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  3. Floating Signs – Flying cars would actually be a nightmare. Think of all of the accidents we already have with idiots speeding around the roadways. Now imagine all of that happened up in the air and you have a nightmare scenario of raining death. But we could get our signs to float! Not sure what purpose that would serve other than to look cool, but there ain’t nothing wrong with looking cool.
  4. Masks of Your Own Face – Doc Brown has had some rejuvenation procedures done, so he wears a false face of his earlier self so as not to confuse Marty. Honestly, we already have more than enough facelift technology to go around, and I am not interested in that. What I am interested in is an awesomely realistic mask of my own face from 20 years ago. How cool would that be?! I could go trick-or-treating next weekend as MYSELF! Please the future, make this happen.
  5. Robotic Dog Walkers – Speaking of Halloween, after this fun and festive holiday comes immediate and devastating winter, at least here in Vermont. Do you know what I don’t want to do in three feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures? Walk my dog! Why can’t I just get a robot leash to walk my dog for me?! Why has no-one invented this yet?! Get on this please!

Are there other inventions that wish they would get to work on? Let me know in the comments! And enjoy the future! We finally made it!

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