The Door to Another Door

To get to the laundry room here at the co-op you need a special key given out only to members.  We don’t want just anyone coming in and washing their clothes for our low members-only rates.  The key unlocks a door that leads into a small space with a large boiler, some gardening tools, and other randomly stored items that have no other place to be.  A few feet in front of the locked door is another door, with no lock or key needed, that leads to the laundry room proper, and this door makes no sense to me.

It’s weird that there is an extra door there, but on the other hand it would be weird if there weren’t an extra door there.  This extra stuff doesn’t really belong in the laundry room, so it makes sense to keep it separated, but it feels like you are walking through the closet in order to get to the room.  And the most pressing question of all is: should that second door be left open, or closed?

When we first moved in here and I decided to actually wash some of our clothes, I walked through both doors, started up the machines, and left, leaving the second door ajar.  When I returned to move clothes into the dryers, the second door was fully closed.  I left once more, leaving the door in the same unclosed condition, and once again I came back to find it fully closed.  “Oh,” I thought to myself, “we are supposed to keep that door closed.”  And so I did.  For years I have kept on closing that door, even when carrying large piles and baskets of laundry that I needed to set down somewhere in order to turn around and make sure that no laundry room items would escape into the closet after I had gone, because there had to be some good reason for keeping that door closed.

But sometimes it isn’t closed.  I don’t know if there are people who just don’t close it, or if there are times that their hands are just too full, or it is too snowy or rainy out, or they try to latch onto the door with their foot and give a tug and it just doesn’t take, but sometimes I go to do my laundry and the door is open.  Now, it is never all the way open.  That would be far too uncouth.  It is never more than halfway open, and usually just slightly ajar.  And still most of the time it is closed.  But not always.

So now, sometimes, I leave it open as well, because it is easier, and because I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why we need to close it!  Does it keep the heat and steam of the laundry room more properly contained?  Is it just aesthetically pleasing?  I mean, it’s not like anyone hangs out in the laundry room when they are not doing laundry, so the visual look of that inner chamber can’t be too high on the importance list.  Perhaps it is an added layer of security?  If someone breaks in to steal laundry services, they may think they have only found a closet and then give up without opening the second door.  Maybe it is a code, to let you know if someone is in there already and nobody gets startled.  If the door is closed, it means the place is empty?  And why is the door even there in the first place?!

Any ideas?  Is there any sort of compelling reason to close or not close the door?  Is it just one of life’s great mysteries?  Are any of my co-op friends reading this?  Am I violating protocol in the door of the door area?  I’ve gone along with the crowd for years, but now I demand answers!  Or not.  This is actually kind of unimportant.  BUT I MUST KNOW!!!  *sigh*

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  1. It’s probably Mr. Tumnus. He is so mischievous. Oh also, your laundry room is Narnia ij this hyphothesis, since it’s through the closet.

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