The Final Countdown

“I only have 16 days of school left,” my daughter said nonchalantly as we walked home on Wednesday afternoon. A feeling of terror crept over my body. Could this be true? Could this possibly be true? No! There was no way.

“No, that can’t be,” I said. “You have two weeks in June, so that’s 10 days, and then it’s May 20th… OH NO! YOU ONLY HAVE 16 DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!” She was right. It was true. I was screwed.

To make matters worse, that meant Edward then only had 8 days of school left! EIGHT! Things were happening, time was passing, and I wasn’t ready.

Now if you are reading this and somehow coming to the conclusion that I do not want to spend time with my delightful children, you are 100% absolutely right wrong! Of course I love to spend time with my kids! But…I mean…all of the time? You see, now because it is Friday, Ruby will come home with only 14 days of school left, and Edward will have 7 (since today is his day off), and my wife will have 5 days left at home before she goes off to school. Yes, right when my kids suddenly become summer creatures, at home 24/7, my wife will take off to finish her master’s degree. And this is awesome. For her.

When you suddenly find yourself single parenting, and it coincides with school ending, you are going to need a plan. Going from co-parenting children who are home and awake for 6-8 hours a day, to solo parenting two suddenly bored children who never leave can be a quite a transition. Luckily I happen to have such a plan. Step 1: Drive to New Hampshire and pick up my wife. No, seriously, that’s pretty much the whole plan. The first week that the kids will both be home, will be her last week of school, so we are heading east! She will finish school, the kids and I will visit my father, and the summer will then kick off in a big way. It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be awesome. Trips. Camps. Activities. Music. Fun. Take a deep breath, because we just hit the final countdown.

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