The Food Trucks of New York – Part 3

Armed with my new strategy of hitting as many trucks at a time as I could, I headed off to rehearsal, having discovered an intriguing piece of information.  Tavern on the Green, which had closed down following bankruptcy, was reopening last weekend, and they had added an outdoor food court.  Basically that meant food trucks, and it was right on my way to Lincoln Center.  I knew that at least one truck I was looking for was there, because they had tweeted about it, so off I went.

7) Van Leeuwen
I know that I should not eat dessert first, but my lunch came in a box and a bag, and my dessert came in a bowl with a spoon, so I had no choice.  Plus it was melting.  Van Leeuwen is an ice cream truck, but to call it “ice cream” is like calling  caviar “eggs.”  I got the pumpkin pie ice cream, which actually tasted like pumpkin and/or pie, not like most pumpkin flavored season items, which generally taste like pumpkin pie spices and sugar.

So far, this is the only truck I have been back to twice.  The second time I got the mint chocolate chip, but it was too dark to take a picture.  I’m glad I went back.   I liked the mint even better than the pumpkin.  Of course, even though this was the first thing I ate that night, it was not the first truck I found.

8) The Rickshaw Dumpling Bar Truck
Found first, but eaten second, these were some good dumplings.  I got the chicken and thai basil dumplings, as recommended by the list, and then I got a little salad thingy over there with a ginger dressing of some sort.  Like I said at the beginning of all this, this is not a food blog.

The food was very yummy, that is my final review, and I can’t say where I’ve had better dumplings.  I was very happy to have found two of my trucks sitting next to each other in central park, and I had a good lunch.  But after the next day out, I decided to rethink my strategy.

9) Frites ‘N’ Meats
I found two more trucks parked in the same area, and took off walking for another eclectic lunch.  I got another grass fed angus burger from the Frites ‘N’ Meats truck, and by golly, it was delicious.  I liked it even better than my burger from La Cense Beef truck.  Two thumbs way up for this burger!

But here was the problem.  It completely filled me up.  I started walking to the next truck wondering how I was even going to eat another food item.  And of course I really couldn’t.  I made a new rule: No two meal trucks in one meal.  It was not fair to the second truck.  Also, it was kind of a waste of money.  This would not stop me from pairing a dumpling truck with an ice cream truck, as worked out so well the day before, but I just can’t eat two giant burgers in a row.  Maybe back in college….

10) Moshe’s Falafel
Anyway, full of burger, I reached my second truck of the day.  I had never had a falafel before.  I didn’t even know what a falafel was.  Actually, now that I’ve had one, I still don’t know what a falafel is.  What I got was a pita bread filled with lettuce, tomato, some sort of sauce, and fried balls of something or other.  I guess that was the falafel part?  Or is the whole sandwich called a falafel?  I have no idea.

It was pretty good, but as I mentioned, I was too full to really enjoy it.  I got through about a third of it, having eaten one of my three balls of fried, and had to toss the rest.  From now on, one truck at a time.  That’s 15 trucks left, and 30 days to do it.  No problem, right?

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  1. Falafel is crushed/mashed garbanzo beans (chick peas) with other spices, all fried up. I learned this last year when the only meat I ever enjoyed was at your house!

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