The Food Trucks of New York – Part 5

This food truck scavenger hunt is actually going a lot better than I thought it would.  I have found 16 out of the 25 trucks.  I am definitely seeing parts of the city I would not have seen otherwise, but I still haven’t been out of Manhattan.  One potential problem I foresee is that some of these trucks just aren’t where they are supposed to be.  It’s possible I have just gone on the wrong days and at the wrong times, but I have looked for the dang Steak Truck three times now, and it has never been where it ought to be.

14) Schnitzel & Things
After chasing the Schnitzel Truck down the street, I finally caught up with it when Simone was visiting.  Simone makes schnitzel all the time, so I thought this would be a good truck for us to find together.  Well, we found it all right.  We also found a line snaking all the way around the block.  I had never, in my past 13 food trucks, seen more than 4 or 5 people in a line.  We figured this must be some good schnitzel.  We also figured that the line would move.  We were wrong.  Not about the Schnitzel, the schnitzel was excellent.  It was probably my favorite food truck item so far.  However, it took us over 45 minutes to get it.  Now look, I don’t have a real job or anything, so what do I know, but it seems to me that people on an hour lunch break would not want to spend 45 minutes of it standing in line at a food truck.  Isn’t that the point of street food?  Fast, easy, possibly delicious?  We could have gone to a restaurant, and been sitting for 45 minutes waiting for our food, instead of standing on a bust street corner being heckled by passersby who felt that we were stupid to wait in such a long line for schnitzel.

Let me tell you, if I hadn’t been on a scavenger hunt, I would not have waited.  But I was on a scavenger hunt, and I did wait, and I loved my schnitzel.  I would go there over and over again, but not during the lunch rush I guess.  Well, Simone came and went, and soon I was hungry again, as it had been several days since my last food truck.  Luckily my next truck had several things going for it: I did not have to chase it, it was hyperbolicious, and there was no line.

15) World’s Best Sandwich
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the world’s best sandwich!  Actually, it was not the best sandwich I have ever had.  It was the third best sandwich I have ever had.  So that’s pretty good, really.  It is certainly the best sandwich I have had in New York.  Now, I know different people like different things, but me, I hate food where it is mostly normal and then someone sticks something random in and calls it “upscale.”  For instance, the other day I went with my singing colleagues to Tom Colicchio’s restaurant ‘wichcraft.  I did not enjoy it all.  For example, you cannot get a ham and cheese sandwich at ‘wichcraft.  You can get a ham and cheese and PEAR sandwich.  And what if you want a traditional, good old fashioned goat cheese sandwich?  Oh no!  You can only get your goat cheese sandwich with avocado, celery and walnut pesto!  Ridiculous!  But at the World’s Best Sandwich truck, my chicken salad sandwich came with chicken and mayo.  YUM-A-RUM!
They even asked if I wanted lettuce and tomato!  Which of course I did, as these are proper things to put on a sandwich.  Walnut pesto indeed!  Hmph!  After I left the truck, I spent the next hour looking for the Berry Fro Yo truck, which I didn’t really want to find at first, because I don’t like frozen yogurt, and I certainly don’t like “tangy, unsweetened frozen yogurt,” as is advertised.  But the more I could not find them, the more I wanted to eat their yogurt.  Must be a marketing strategy.

16) Cravings
The Cravings truck is Vietnamese food, which I don’t think I’ve ever had before, but I don’t remember a lot of the things I’ve done, so who knows?  Everyone on foursquare recommended the #2, which was a fried pork chop over rice with pork sauce.  It was pretty darn good.  The pork sauce was excellent, and the fried pork chop was a minefield of deliciousness and terror.  The only issue here being that they really just fry the dang pork chop, so it is still full of bones and other assorted piggy items that were always a surprise in my mouth (that’s what she said).

I definitely enjoyed it.  The line was an appropriate 4-5 people long, the service was quick, and I made it to my rehearsal on time (barely).  Now I have nine trucks to go.  I specifically can’t find 3 of them, but that gives me a good six to get started on whilst I try and research where the heck the Steak Truck went.  And also, wouldn’t Steaktruck be a good name for a baby?

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  1. Everyone know that Martone’s in Essex Junction has the best sandwiches on earth. No walnut pesto on the menu. It’s so sad to think I have to wait until Christmas to have a Martone’s sandwich again…

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