The Mayor of Safeway

I was once the mayor of Safeway.  For those of you not familiar with the ins and outs of Foursquare, I will assume that you are not interested in becoming familiar with the ins and outs of Foursquare.  Suffice it to say that if you go somewhere more than anyone else, you become the mayor.  And boy did I go to Safeway.

When I started playing Foursquare, Safeway had another mayor.  This didn’t bother me.  Most places had mayors that were not me, and it’s a game.  Games have rules and other players, and that’s what makes them fun.  As time went by, I took the title of mayor from its previous holder, and eventually it was taken back.  This did not bother me at all.  Some weeks he would go to Safeway more than I would, and sometimes it was the other way around.  It was always fun to take the title back, but I certainly would not begrudge him his title if in fact he was at Safeway more than me.

But then came Deborah C.  A third player had entered our little back and forth, which should have made it more exciting.  But she was cheating.  Now I can’t prove it, but here I will make my case.  She took the title from me, and I was not concerned.  I waited a few days, and then had to go pick up something from the store.  Foursquare informed me that I was three days away from becoming mayor.  That was odd, because that meant Deborah C. had checked in every single day that week.  Oh well.  I didn’t need much from the store that week, and the next time I went by, it said I was NINE check-ins away from being mayor.  She had checked into Safeway every single day for almost a month.

That meant, to me, that either she worked there, or she was cheating.  Or, I guess, just really loved Safeway?  So I made a point of going there every day, for bread, or milk, or SOMEthing.  I could never catch up.  Still she checked in every day.  So I gave up.  But then a few weeks later, the numbers started going back down.  She stopped checking in.  After checking in every day for over two months, Deborah C. ceased “visiting” the Safeway.  Within a week or two, I had claimed the title of mayor again.  The very next morning, at 6:00 am, she checked into the Safeway again and took the title back.  To me, this was the last straw, and proof that she was cheating.  I checked in from home, and took it back, having resorted to cheating myself.  I then checked in every day, to make sure she could not wrongfully steal the title.

Obviously, all of this is ridiculous, and I was waaaaaay to into this, to the point of insanity.  But I wanted to tell you all of that to get to my real point.  I am in New York now, and my first week here Deborah C. took the title back, and I checked in from New York City, hundreds of miles from Safeway, to steal the title back.  But then it really hit me; I am not going back to that Safeway anymore.  I don’t live in Baltimore, my family is in Vermont now.  I just don’t want to let it go just yet.  If I can still be mayor of Safeway, maybe it will mean that a part of me is still there.  But of course, that’s not true.

Last night Deborah C. took back the title of Mayor of Safeway.  And I think, this time, she can keep it.

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