The Perks of Being an Opera Singer

Every once in a while, some poor person uses google to find my blog using some bizarre search term that is not going to get them what they are looking for.  In fact, that happens every day.  But every once in a while, I decide to fill their need and give them what they want, after the fact.  Such was the case with my “Top Opera Names For Pets” blog, and such is the case today.

Yesterday, someone googled “perks of being an opera singer” and found my blog.  Thinking about that made me realize that perhaps I have been a little down on being an opera singer lately, so I thought I should make an actual list of what the perks of being an opera singer are.  But I obviously cannot make this list alone, so I have polled my current cast mates, to find out what their favorite things about being an opera singer are.  Here is what they said:

1) Travel cool places for free
Okay, not always free, but you will often get a travel stipend, or have the travel paid for, and you do go a lot of very cool places when you are an opera singer.

2) Meeting new people
Do you hate your co-workers sometimes?  Do you often wish that you could trade them in for a whole new set of co-workers every 4-8 weeks?  Well, then this is the job for you!  And opera singers are generally interesting people with interesting stories.  You will love them!

3) Doing what you love
Many people take a lot of different jobs for a lot of different reasons, and love of the job is often not one of them, but very few people who hate singing opera become opera singers.

4) Getting to dress up in wild costumes and be dramatic and not be socially ostracized
Well, not too socially ostracized.

5) Nothing
Ha ha.  Opera singers are very funny.

6) Every job is a vacation
I think the person who said this was kind of talking about the travel, but there is a great feeling about going to a place well prepared, where the people put you up, the rehearsals are fun, and there is a lot of down time to explore wherever it is that you have ended up.  Yes, it is a lot of work to put on a show, but it can often feel like a vacation at the same time.

7) You get to deduct everything you do from your taxes
Driving to rehearsal?  Tax deductible.  Eating dinner on break?  Tax deductible.  Run a voice studio from your living room?  Tax deductible.  And I could go on…

8) Everyone is impressed when you tell them what you do for a living
Seriously.  People are so impressed when they ask you what you do and you say “opera singer.”  Try it some time, even if you are not an opera singer.  It’s awesome.

9) Your job is not boring
It may be frustrating, exhausting, and financially and personally ruinous, but it will never be boring!

Please note that nobody said “money” or “easy, stress-free lifestyle.”  This is not a career for the faint of heart, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it, and this is why.

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  1. This blog is awesome. Your writing style is great– clever, funny and interesting. I especially like your summary of La Rondine. :)Thanks for writing!

  2. I am personally studying to be a professional opera singer and this article has really lifted my spirit. It also helped me to continue to have faith in my self for choosing this career path. I wanted to thank you for writing this, it was most certainly something I needed to read. 🙂

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