The Social Network

When I first got to New York, my voice teacher Mark told me we should go see a movie.  The Social Network had just come out, so he invited me over to see it.  But when I got there, he said we needed to take a walk first because we were too fat.  Ok, fine, that seemed true, so we walked for two hours through central park, and then when it was time for the movie, he realized he needed to buy plane tickets.  So we didn’t go.

We said that we would go two nights later, but when I showed up for that one, he said that our agent, Sarah, really wanted to go too, and could we wait another few nights so she could come.  Ok, that sounded reasonable, so we didn’t go.  The next time we were supposed to go I had learned my lesson and called first.  It was cancelled again, so I just stayed home.

The fourth time we were going to go, Sarah got sick, and the fifth time she had some friends over from Germany, so she couldn’t make it.  What I was to discover though, was that Mark and Sarah had then gone to see it without me on a night I had rehearsal.  Wonderful.  But they both really wanted to see it again, so we had to wait.  Blah.

The seventh time we went to see The Social Network, we went to see Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, which was actually a very good movie, but by this time I was ready to go see the stupid facebook movie alone.  I guess there had been a scheduling miscommunication that evening or something.

Last night, Mark and Sarah and I finally saw The Social Network.  It was a great movie, but one of those films that reinforced my growing hatred of capitalism.  When your whole system is based on money, it becomes okay to screw people over based on “it’s not personal, it’s just business.”  Is that really a justification for the horrible things that corporations and other people do to the little guy?  I guess, being raised as a Christian, I was taught that we should treat other people the way that we would like to be treated and that one of our top priorities should be helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Not very capitalistic, I know.

Also, would it have hurt the movie to thrown in some gratuitous nudity?  Discuss.

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