The Top Fifteen Signs You Might Be an Opera Singer

1) Friends and family are always asking you to identify any aria played in a movie or commercial.

2) You know what a “Neti Pot” is.

3) You speak many languages, but can only say things like “My last breath will be yours, my beloved,” and “This picture is bewitchingly beautiful.”

4) If you have to go to work before noon, you complain.  If you have to go to work before 10 am, you refuse.

5) You are constantly wearing a ridiculous scarf.

6) You have spent more money preparing for a job than you got paid to do it.

7) When people say they just went to “The Met,” you get confused when they start talking about the paintings.

8) You haven’t been to the address on your driver’s license for months.

9) People often ask you to speak with less formant.

10) You remember where you were when you heard that Pavarotti had died.

11) You have a short list of couches in New York to sleep on.

12) The mere mention of either Andrea Bocelli or Phantom of the Opera makes you angry.

13) Your dream is to someday be on the cover of “Opera News.”

14) Constantly singing about what you are doing around the house seems normal to you.

15) You “liked” Tenor Dad on Facebook, but not for the boring stories about his kids.

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