Things I Must Say A Lot

It’s funny to be a parent, because you see yourself reflected back in your kids, sometimes in a more brutally honest way than you were hoping for.  All of those things they say and do, they learned those things from someone.  And if you are one of their primary caregivers, chances are they learned them from you.  How strange to see a small human attempting to imitate you in so many ways.  But this is also an opportunity for real personal growth.  By seeing and hearing this tiny mirror version of yourself, you have a chance to make changes to your behavior, hopefully in a positive way.

I am home with Edward all day, every day, so when I hear him say things over and over again, I have to ask myself: “Do I say those things too?”  And if so, are they things I want to say?  Once I put a list together, I can make the things I say a choice, rather than a habit.  And so, here is the list of things I must say more than anything else.

1) “Watch out!”

2) “What are you doing?!”

3) “Gimme that!  That’s mine!”

4) “Stop it, Ruby!”

5) “I don’t need any help!”

6) “No, I don’t have any poopy.”

7) “Get out of my way!”

8) “I need more candy.”

9) “Let’s go to the store and buy marshmallows.”

10) “No, I’m not tired.  It’s toys time!”

Clearly, upon further reflection, I need to change some of my behavior.  I can’t believe anyone puts up with me.  I sound like a two year old!  Don’t worry, I’m working on it.

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