Today I Will

Today I will…be pleasant and cheerful 1

Today I will…pay my bills 2

Today I will…clean my house 3

Today I will…go to the gym 4

Today I will…organize all of my unopened mail and stacks of important papers 5

Today I will…eat a healthy lunch 6

Today I will…watch less television 7

Today I will…go outside and look at nature 8

Today I will…take the wheel 9

Today I will…try something new 10

Today I will…enjoy being me 11

1 –      at least until my kids get home from school.
2 –      with money that I was supposed to use for paying other bills.
3 –      probably a dozen times, as my children follow me around, destroying it.
4 –      right after I finish my third bowl of Frosted Flakes.
5 –      directly into the recycling bin.
6 –      and then two or three desserts.
7 –      and play more video games.
8 –      on the way to my car.  Are you kidding?  It’s freezing out!
9 –      of cheese out of the fridge and eat it.
10 –    like writing a weird list of things and pretending it is a blog post.
11 –    ssy.

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