Tongue Twister Parables

I thought I was done converting the words of Jesus into poetry.  I had written limericks, haikus, and sonnets.  Unless I was going to write a set of epic poems (and who has time for that?) I was out of silly poetic forms to use.  That is, until my friend Eric jokingly suggested that I could make the parables into tongue twisters.  Ha ha!  Well, challenge accepted!

1) Tommy Tucker took a trip to town
    Down and dirty dirtbags dumped Tommy down
    Passing priest, plus probably prickly people, puttered past
    Samaritan suddenly stopped, seeing sick savagery, saving sore sufferer

2) Baby brother bought a bunch of beer and booty
    But he blew his big break behaving badly
    Baby brother begged begetter for a business billet
    Big begetter bade his bootlickers butcher the beefy bovine
    But beer and booty bought before made bigger brother bitter

3) Silly shepherd sat shearing sheep
    Never noticed now numbered ninety-nine
    Luckless loser left the lot looking later for lost lamb on the lam

4) Loaded leader laid out luscious luncheons
    Big shot bade his buddies be on board but bad buddies bugged out
    Stunned CEO sadly sent servants searching for supper substitutes
    Big banquet began by buying bums brunch

5) Prosperous person picked pricey pearl
    Same certain somebody sold stuff to secure said stone
    Presently, poor person possesses pricey pearl

6) Some silly sower set seeds in soil
    Silly sowing saboteur set several sinful seeds in same soil
    So simultaneous seeds slowly sprouted, snaking skyward side by side
    Since September, solely satisfactory seeds supply sower’s sacks
    Spurious seeds sit smoldering, scorched in sower’s cinders

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