Too Little For Skittles

My laptop died yesterday.  I mean really died.  It is getting power, but it won’t turn on.  I’ve tried to start it plugged in without the battery, I’ve let it sit for hours and tried again.  I took the entire thing apart, screw by screw, and re-seated every component, but still it lies there, silently, mockingly blinking its power light at me and doing little else.

I was going to blog about something else, but that entry went down with all the rest of my files, so instead I present you this poem, inspired today as Baby Edward stares hungrily at his sister’s snack.

Too Little For Skittles – by Baby Edward Hall, as telepathically told to his father on September 14th, 2010.

My Daddy says I’m too little for Skittles.
Somehow that doesn’t seem right.
My Daddy says I’m too little for Skittles,
But I have two teeth that can bite!
I tried to tell him I’m ready for candy.
I flashed him my cutest face.
Still Daddy says I’m too little for Skittles!
I’ve gotta get my own place.
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