Thank you for taking our “Which Muppet are You?” quiz, TenorDad.  You got Übermuppet.

Your penchant for terrible jokes, puns, one-liners, and general nonsense that no one else finds amusing, bring to mind your connection to Fozzie Bear.  You are trying too hard, to be sure, but your overall goofiness and willingness to keep trying, even when it is clear that you will never succeed, make you lovable in your own way.  Also, you do not know how to tie neckties properly.

On the other hand, your general weirdness and desire to accomplish zany, off-the-wall feats, bring out your Gonzo nature at every turn.  Your desperate need for non-conformity, coupled with an inexplicable desire to be a part of a performing team, define your artistic career.  Plus, you know, your enormous purple nose.

But no internet quiz analysis of your personality would be complete without acknowledging your huge ego and misguided assumption that you are loved and adored by all.  This is where your inner Miss Piggy is found.  You were born to be a star, and you know it.  Now you just have to convince the rest of the world.  Also, maybe lay off the twinkies.

Kermit the Frog has a tendency toward leadership, and so do you.  Your ability to bring people together, and keeping them together despite explosions, stage fires, and flying penguins, is unmatched among your peers.  And when things go wrong, you often fling your arms up in the air, run around like a crazy person, and shout nonsense syllables at people.

You are a very loyal person.  This can sometimes be a good thing, but you take it too far.  To place loyalty above all else is to willingly submit yourself to torturous electric shocks, shrinking, freezing, and other humiliating public displays.  In short, you are Beaker.  And you need help.

There can be no doubt about it.  With your musical skills and tendencies, you are Rowlf.  You appreciate the classics, and have a go-with-the-flow attitude about performing that allows you to roll with the punches, and your paws are capable of bring wonderful melodies to life.

There can be no doubt about it.  With your musical skills and tendencies, you are Dr. Teeth.  You are a great improviser, and you just basically rock.  You go where the groove takes you, and the groove is funktabulous, man!

Did we mention that you are clearly insane and that we are terrified of you?  Seriously, you just seem a little crazy to us.  What’s your deal?  At least we know that an Animal is always a lot of fun at parties.  Even if they are the loudest things we have ever heard.

Actually, there is no Muppet that doesn’t represent you.  From the sarcasm of Statler & Waldorf, to the helpfulness of Scooter, from the nitpicky demand for excellence of Sam the Eagle, to the sexiness of Pepe the King Prawn, you have achieved the acme of muppethood.  You are the all-muppet, the over-muppet, Our Felter which art in Henson.  It’s like someone sewed all of the Muppets together and created you.  So congratulations, TenorDad!  You are, in fact, an honorary Muppet.  The Übermuppet.

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  1. My Muppety-est friend ever, and favorite person to share Muppet-ness with. You’ll always be Kermit to me, mister… But I think this “quiz” has definitely got you pegged. 😉

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