What Are YOU Supposed to Be?

Ruby spent last evening as a lightbulb.  This was quite obvious to those of us who knew this in advance, and even to those people who looked at her from the correct angle.  But then there were those other people, looking at her from the side, or the back.  They did not seem to recognize her awesome costume.  But they made a lot of guesses.

And obviously the bears came too.

The most common guess was that she was a banana.  I think this was due to the fact that every time she leaned forward, which was every time she got a candy for her bucket, which was at every house, her headband that held the thing on started to droop forward and she ended up looking a little crooked.  Edward did not have any of these problems, as he was Iron Man and vigorously blasted his way into every house on our route, stuffing handfuls of candy into his bucket and then flying away loudly.


One woman asked if Ruby was a fortune cookie, and one person thought she was the sun.  The worst person alive asked if she was a tumor, but why would a six year old dress as a tumor for Halloween?  That’s just weird.  Although if you did dress as a tumor for Halloween as a child, please send me pictures immediately.  I’ll bet you are currently an interesting person to hang out with.

The important thing is that Ruby was pleased with her costume, and got enthusiastic responses after she told people what she was.  I went as a platypus one year for Halloween, and nobody had a clue what I was.  I spent the whole night telling every local homeowner that I was not a beaver or a duck, but I liked it so I had a great night.  Ruby had a great night too.  She woke up this morning and told us so.  And Edward has already informed me that he is going trick-or-treating again tonight.  If he shows up at your house again tonight looking for candy, I’m sorry.  And please send him home.

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