When the Girl’s Away, the Bears Will Play

Hello interneters! It is I, Tenor Bear! I am hear because you are all invited to my bear party! (Also because Ruby’s dad is doing something else and not paying attention too his blog) Ruby is at camp allllllll day, and Edward is at camp even more alllllll day, so that means I get too do whatever I want! And I want two party!

One thing we will do at a bear party is too eat bear food. I think I talked about this before, but you mite have forgot. Bear food is very important. I do not have any bear food. Please bring sum to the bear party. Or else I will bee very hungry all day long. Just one million cans wood be okay. Thank you.

Another thing we can like to do at a bear party is to dance! Bears love dancing, witch you probably already new about if you are a bear, or if you no any bears. I bet you have a lot of bear friends, because bears are the nicest animals ever. Here is a video I made of our bear dance party today. Sea how fun it is? You should come over right now. Don’t forget the bear food.

The last thing we will do at the bear party is too destroy the whole house so it is very messy. This is the most fun part! Ruby’s parents will not no that we did it, because they do not no about the bear party, so we will not get in trouble. We can throw paint on the couch and put all of the toys on the middle of the floor. It will bee sooooooo funny! We will not throw any bear food though, because we will eat it when you get hear, right away. When are you getting hear again?

One thing is, sometimes when I have a fun mess, Mommy Fox cleans it up before anybody gets home. That is not nice. I like big messes. She is not invited to this party, because she is not a bear. She is a fox. You can tell because it is in her name. So don’t worry, she will not clean up our hilarious mess. It will be a good joke.

If you need directions, first go to Ruby’s house, then go up the stairs. Turn right, go around the stuff, go up more stairs, and then find us jumping on her Mommy and Daddy’s bed. That is how too get there to the bear party. If you want to know what time the party is at, it is at right now. You are already late. Please hurry up, because we do not have any bear food yet, so it is not a very good party. We have some tasty beats, but they are not as good for eating as bear food.

Good buy.

P.S. – Bear food!

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