Why I Didn’t Write a Post For Today

I was all set to write something.  I had ideas.  I had time.  And then my laptop (actually the church’s laptop, so even more fun) just decided to die.  No power.  No “I’m plugged in” blue light.  Nothing.  It is a lifeless hunk of cheap plastic.  I spent my whole night chatting with tech support who informed me that “Ha ha, too bad.”  So I figured I would just write something on the desktop.  Which now has a fan error and will not turn on.


But I refuse to let this be the day that I finally fail to finagle a feature for my followers.  Thanks to the magic of Siri and my ugly phone with the Playskool color scheme, I am able to bring you this delightfully uninteresting piece of writing, which basically amounts to me complaining at you for two paragraphs.  Enjoy.  Maybe tomorrow I can post something about how I fixed one or more of my computers.  Or another rant about how I didn’t.  Or, if you’re really lucky, neither of those things.

If you need me, I’ll be in the corner wailing and gnashing my teeth.

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