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Okay, I promised you something musical and exciting yesterday, and here it is! The is probably the coolest giveaway I have ever done. I know, I know, you are thinking “But Tenor Dad, we are not here for the cool giveaways, we are here for your amusing rants and ridiculous misadventures!” I know. I get it. And yet, when I get cool stuff, I really really really want you to have the cool stuff too! And this is even cooler stuff than I got!

I am going to let you in on a little secret, but please don’t tell anyone else because I don’t want the other bands to feel bad. The more songs I feature from an album I am reviewing, the more I like it. I know, crazy, right? And this is not a hard and fast rule. Some albums are just better as an album than as individual tracks, so it is hard to separate them out. But for the most part, if you see that I have featured more than 2-3 songs from an album, you can use that as a signal that it is probably my current favorite. Sometimes I feature four songs from an album, which seems excessive, and one time I even featured five! And now go back to my review last week of the new self-titled Sugar Free Allstars album. I featured eight songs. EIGHT! There are only 11 tracks on the album! Seriously, this album is fricking amazing. And I want to give it to you.

But wait! There’s more! I do not want to just give you an awesome new album that you and your family will 100% money-back guaranteed love! No, I want to give you more. I want to give you a listening guide so you can follow along with the 11 awesome tracks (yes, the three I didn’t feature are awesome too, but I couldn’t feature every single track! Give me a break!). I want to give you a pair of light-up star goggles, in your choice of color (I believe the choices are red, blue, green or pink)! I want to give you 8 red and blue balloons for your listening/dance party! And I have saved the best for last. I am also going to include a toy monster truck. “Monster Truck” is the first track on the album, it is the first song I featured in my review, and it is also now a toy that you (or your child I guess) can play with! Oh, and didn’t I promise to show you the video for the song? I think I did. Here it is.

See? That song is hilarious. I told you. And you can have it for free. All you have to do is click some things underneath there. You can visit my Facebook page and give me a like if you want (liking not required, but it is the polite thing to do). You can follow me on twitter. You can do the same things for the nice guys over at Sugar Free Allstars. Basically, just start clicking, and start winning. To recap, you can win:
1 listening guide
1 pair of light-up star goggles (in red, blue, green or pink)
8 red and blue balloons
a toy monster truck

I know, I wish I could win! But I can’t this contest is not open to anyone who does not live in the U.S.A. (sorry) or who does live at my house (sorry). But for the rest of you, good luck! Winner announced next week!

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